Interior Design

MGA Studio provides professional interior design services from our Mornington headquarters. With confident experience across a wide range of styles, our interior designers can transform your existing space from what it is now, into what you hope it could be.  We can also bring new projects to life and have strong experience in the hotel, retail and corporate industries.

Commercial Interior Designers

When it comes to designing a commercial property, it can play an integral part in your profit or loss. Styling within restaurants, hotels, offices and retail outlets is always becoming more and more sophisticated. Our commercial designers can work with you to transform your ideas into a productive and stylish space that represents your business culture or appeals to your target market.

From the initial brief to the completion of your project, we will help you make the most out of the key design decisions. Our designers can achieve the ambience you want to create within any room or outdoor area.

We also provide project management services to many of our clients that ensures the smooth delivery of our service from design through to implementation.

Residential Interior Designers

Having the ability to bring together different elements within a home to create a flowing and complete feel can be a challenge for many people. Our interior designers have the ability to combine our clients’ tastes and preferences, with their own unique ideas to achieve a stylish finished look throughout any residential property.

Some of the key features in most rooms are light, colour, fixed objects (such as your favourite couch) and the empty spaces themselves. Our goal is to help integrate the key elements of any room, such as light, colour and fixed objects effectively and attractively. The seamless transition from each room to the next is also considered.

We approach each new design project with passion. So contact us to arrange a consultation for any residential or commercial interior design project you want done well.